Social Media Policy

Updated Tuesday March 7, 2017 by Rob Crow.



Van Alstyne Sports Authority (VASA) recognized the importance of the Internet in shaping the public’s perception of our organization.  VASA also recognizes the importance of our Board members, Coaches, Players and Parents in leading and setting the tone of social media interactions in a manner that advances VASA’s mission an goals.


Mission Statement


VASA is dedicated to the development of well-rounded youth through positive sports competition.  We strive to develop fundamental skills through active participation of our players and to promote good sportsmanship from our Players, Coaches, Parents, Board Members and Volunteers. 




This Social Media Policy applies to all Board Members, Coaches, Parents, Players and Volunteers.  This Social Media Policy applies to all social media content posted by VASA members in their professional and personal capacity to the extent such content is related to VASA or VASA members.




VASA strives to create a positive and inclusive organization that is dedicated to helping young athletes reach their potential.  In furtherance of this goal, VASA aspires to engage members of the Van Alstyne community in positive, honest, transparent, and knowledgeable dialogue about VASA through social media.  VASA views social media as an important tool for communication its success and opportunities for athletic and individual development.  VASA also views social media as a platform for receiving constructive feedback from the community and for discussing VASA’s changes and opportunities for improvement in a positive and constructive way.




All VASA Members shall abide by the following guidelines when using social media:


  1.  Be positive and respectful, and always take the high road.  When disagreeing with others’ opinions, remain appropriate and polite.  If you find yourself in a situation online that is becoming antagonistic, ask a VASA Board Member or your coach for advice on how to disengage from the dialogue in a polite and respectful manner that reflects well on VASA.
  2. Do not post content that would harm VASA or damage VASA’s reputation.  Remember that even while you are on your own personal time, you are a representative of VASA, and people may interpret your online postings or social interactions as though they were official VASA statements.
  3. Use good judgment when posting comments on any official VASA sites.  Bear in mind that your comments can create liability for VASA.  If you are unsure whether a comment is appropriate to post, either do not post it or obtain prior approval from the VASA Board.
  4. Be smart about what you publish.  Once something is posted it exists online forever.  Ask yourself “would I want to see this published in the newspaper or posted on a billboard tomorrow or ten years from now?”  If the answer is “no”, do not post.
  5. Encourage others to engage in positive interactions on social media.  If you are concerned about any VASA Member’s (Board Member, coach, parent, player or volunteer) use of social media please bring your concerns to the attention of any VASA Board Member.
  6. Personally identifiable information (information such as a name and date of birth and/or a street address which when taken together can identify a particular individual) should not be disclosed in any manner on official VASA social networking sites without the approval of the VASA Board.


Violations of the Social Media Policy


The VASA Board shall have the authority to monitor and enforce this Social Media Policy.  The VASA Board, and any individual appointed by the Board, shall have the authority to remove any inappropriate or offensive comments from official VASA sites and to block any individual or organization from posting on any official VASA social media platform if they determine, in their sole discretion, that such removal or block is in the best interests of VASA.


The failure of any VASA Member to adhere to this Social Media Policy shall be considered a violation of the VASA Code of Conduct, and any VASA Member who fails to adhere to this Social Media Policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of such individual’s involvement in VASA, in accordance with the VASA Disciplinary Procedures.